Saturday, February 16, 2008

Here we are! Everyone, but the zoo at home!

Here's my family for all to see. Myself and my husband, John. Our children from left to right: Chris 17, Jenny 20, Melissa 12. These photos were taken from our Royal Caribbean cruise taken 07-07-07 on the Liberty of the Seas, its 8th voyage. Just amazing!!! I'll retire in the Caribbean!


Samantha Marshall said...

Hi Lisa,
Your blog is gorgeous. I love your feathered friends.
Wow, what a lovely family you have. It certainly was a lucky day- 7/7/07.
I love your Valentine's ATC. Thanks for the great links too.

Sam xx

Lisaswings said...

Thanks for coming by! You added my very first comment post. Thanks for being my artist friend!