Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Yes, this is Johnny Depp!!!!!

While on Puerto Rico we were visiting Old San Juan. It just so happens that a store owner asked me if I liked Johnny Depp. Dumb question?! He told us he will filming down the street right around the corner at the Old San Juan Hotel. He was filming his new movie, "The Rum Diary". After his filming for the day, he actually came out and greeting all of his fans. This is a photo of him shaking my hand!!! I was so frozen that I didn't say a word to him!!! Of course this was the highlight of my trip! I have more photos of him, but I don't want to bore you with those, LOL!
Check out this link on Johnny in Puerto Rico,0,0



Bore away darlin'!!! LOL. I could be bored with pics forever!


I will be there with a few friends on Saturday!! I can't wait!

Come visit us..

Lucky you.. Now lucky me??

Lisaswings said...

Hopefully you won't be as frozen as I was when I met him!! He smiled, reach out his hand and I just stood there!!! No, "I'm a huge fan!", or "I love you!", but frozen as I shook his hand!! I did hold his hand for a few seconds longer than I should have. At least my hubby, who was also taking the pictures, managed to shake his hand and tell him what a great actor he was. Johnny thanked him and bow his head. Can I have a do-over????


Now we just got a message from one of the websites.. saying they were taking off the 16th -19th. we are there the 11th - 18th..
I hope that isn't fact.. we have a surprise for him.. a project we have been doing for over a year.. go check it out at the site.. We would love to have you join us..
And.. YES!! You can have a do over!!!