Thursday, June 23, 2011

Bird Nesting Going on in my Backyard as of June 22nd

This is a Cardinal's nest, but no eggs yet. This nest is built in my thorny rose hedge.

In one nesting box I have a family of nesting Eastern Birdbirds. One egg as of June 23rd. This is an Eastern Birdbird egg. It's actually light blue, but the flash is too bright. Daddy bluebird also pictured up in the tree on the photo to the left of the egg.

I have a Wren family nesting in another nesting box. Here are theWren Hatchlings that are only a few days old.

I just wanted to share some nesting images from the nesting boxes in my backyard. These are baby wrens. It hard to believe, but this nest is not even 2 inches in diameter, so you can imagine just how tiny these hatchlings are. There are a total of 6. The proud momma (pictured at the top left) and daddy were scoulding while I was photographing her babies.

I also have another nesting box with a male Wren who continues to sing and sing and sing trying to attract a mate. He has started the nest which the female will complete with her special decorating touches once she accepts him. It's been days but he still hasn't given up yet!

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