Monday, March 19, 2012

Our "Your ATC Holder" is here!

Your ATC Holder by yourATCstore
Well, I loaded up one of our holders with some of the ATCs that I've made over the years. Wow, some even go back to 2005. I had no idea that I had created so many Artist Trading Cards! I hung 25 ATCs from each arm, for a total of 150 ATCs on this holder. I also tied different ribbons and fibers onto the top of some of the hanging bags to add some of my personality to my holder. You definitely can fit a lot more. I just didn't want to have to pull all of my ATCs out of my Artist Trading Card albums. I have them categorized according to swap themes, and that would take me forever to find the spot again for each one. We will also be coming out with unstained ATC holders, as well as white ATC holders, but that will be probably towards the end of the summer.

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