Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Here is our July 2015 ATC Kit of the Month - "Mermaid in a Bottle"

You will receive one of these "Mermaid in a Bottle" Artist Trading Card kits with every order throughout the month of July 2015.  Each kit will come with ONE of the mermaids; either the red mermaid beauty on the left or the light yellow mermaid beauty on the right; not both.  

Here is what is included in this month's kit:
1 - 2 1/2 in. x 3 1/2 in. white ATC card
1 - 2 1/2 in. x 3 1/2 in. piece of vintage world map wrapping paper.  You can glue this to the white ATC card as a background for your ATC.
1 - collage image of a glass bottle with a cork top.  You can cut this out and glue it to your world map ATC. You can also cut out the inside of the bottle too before gluing it to your background piece.
The photo above shows the 2 different mermaid beauties that I have created for this month's kit.  The one on the left has a beach beauty in a red bathing suit, a yellow coral reel crown for her head and an orange colored coral reef.  The one on the right has a light yellow bathing suit, a blue coral reef crown for her head, and a blue colored coral reef.  You will receive either the mermaid beauty on the left or the one on the right; not both.  These images were created to be cut out by you and then layered and glued to the inside of the glass bottle image; hence the "Mermaid in a Bottle"!
1 - orange and blue floss with 2 beads that have been threaded on.  Once you cut your bottle out you can tie these thread around the bottle top.  Tie a knot in the thread ends to let a bead dangle from each end.
1 - small package of 6 to 8 different little shells to glue to your ATC.  Use 2 of the pink/white tiny shells and cover the bathing suit top, or glue them to the coral reef, or glue them to the end of the thread pieces to dangle from the ends.
a pinch of tiny rainbow colored plastic confetti pieces to glue and sprinkle onto the coral reef to give it a 3D dimension, or glue the pieces onto your mermaid, her fin, or her crown.
3 - flat backed white iridescent pearls.  You can glue these inside of the bottle to use them as air bubbles or glue them inside the shells before they are glued to the ATC.
Lastly, an ATC clear sleeve. (The plastic confetti pieces will be inside of the sleeve).
If you are placing an order and would like to receive a specific mermaid beauty, then please leave a note in the comment section before submitting your order.  Just let me know whether you would like the yellow or red mermaid beauty, and I will make sure to include your requested beauty in your order.

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