Wednesday, July 9, 2008

New shaped clips are now in stock

Hey, we finally have our most popular printed twill back in stock! We also added blank Oatmeal Tan Twill for those who wanted a bit darker shade other than our usual Ivory Twill. We also added AaBbCcDdEeFf and Music notes. Here is the link for our Ribbon, Twill & Rick Rack:

I've had a few requests for some spiral clips, so I just added them all to the Metal Works Catagory. This has also been mentioned on the ATC Yahoo Group ATC_World message boards. I'm a member of this wonderful group. Pictured are just a few of the new clips that just arrived. These are being used to attach Artist Trading Cards onto the Manilla Refills Tags for the 7 Gypsies Revolving ATC Holder. This is a great way to attach your ATCs onto the refill tags without needing to punch the rolodex notches out. Using these clips will add color, not to mention it's just a cool embellishment, but it will also making removing your ATCs a breeze. Now you can easily view the artists & swap information on the back of your ATC without losing that information for good. This is a super idea for those artists who don't want to glue their ATCs onto the refill tags so they can remember who and where their ATCs came from.

Here is the link for the Metal Works Catagory:

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